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Bitfinex Securities Reveals $6.25 Million Tokenized Debt Plan For El Salvador Hotel Development – Details

Bitfinex Securities earlier today unveiled plans to launch a tokenized debt issue to fund the const...

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Thailand Throws Jab At Crypto With P2P Purchase Ban – Details

In a concerted effort to tackle the escalating threat of online fraud, state authorities in Thailand...

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Crypto Analysts Identify ‘Three Camel Hump’ And ‘Bouncing Point’ For XRP, What’s The Target?

XRP has now broken past the $0.6 price mark again after a week of price correction among major crypt...

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Bitcoin Open Interest Sets All-Time High As BTC Crosses $72,000

Data shows the Bitcoin Open Interest has set a new all-time high (ATH) as the cryptocurrency’s...

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Coinbase Scores Knockout! Court Says Crypto Sales Aren’t Securities

A recent court decision in the United States has offered a mixed verdict for cryptocurrency regulati...

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Weekly Crypto Watchlist: Top Coins And Key Trends To Monitor

The week ahead presents a series of compelling narratives and coins that could potentially reshape c...

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